Track Premiere: Predatory Light unveils “Laughing Wound”

With their 2014 demo tape, Predatory Light, featuring members of Ash Borer and Mania (just to name a few) proved themselves a band to watch out for. Their follow up tape, Death Essence, as well as their split with Vorde, showed the band growing into their own sound. A refreshing blend of arid black metal and the monolithic doom that the American west coast is lately known for. It should come as no surprise that Predatory Light’s bassist, D.F. was also in the late, great Anhedonist.

Having relocated to Seattle, Predatory Light are now poised to unleash easily one of the most vicious and, it would seem, unpredictable records of the year. And we’ve got proof.

From its evocative, haunted organ intro all the way through its fiery marrow, “Laughing Wound” is a journey in and of itself. And this is only the first of five tracks. Truly a foreboding glimpse into an otherwise unimaginable world.

Regarding their self-titled new album, the band had this to say:

Carved from the vermin womb, a spinning sanctity of nonmaterial suffering, the Predatory Light seeks to peel the mind and inseminate the spirit-cortex with the corrosive fluid of divine transgression. We preach spiritual disintegration; we speak of physical degradation so we may pass through the psychic membrane, defleshed, defiled and ecstatic in our feral devotion to the beyond. We offer reincarnation through ritual excarnation of the mind and total liberation from this skin that binds us in torment and filth.

If you think you’re ready, here’s Predatory Light’s “Laughing Wound”:

Predatory Light drops September 22nd on CD via Invictus Productions. The vinyl version will be handled cooperatively by Invictus and Psychic Violence. And for those of you on the West Coast, look out for the latter half of Predatory Lights “Summer Clairvoyance” tour coming in mid-September—with Mortuary Drape!