Get a whiff of Crematory Stench!

Hailing from the burning state of California, Crematory Stench stand for “disgusting and raw” death metal. With the quartet’s self-titled four song debut, (because when your band name’s that good, you name your demo it, too!) the thrashing and morbid death rattle of the late ‘80s is back from the dead and raw as ever. If you wish Death had kept the same lineup as they had on Scream Bloody Gore than Crematory Stench will be like a revelation. These four songs rip and snarl with a ravenous, mad hunger that seems like they’ve actually been locked away in some subterranean vault for the past thirty years, and are now released upon unsuspecting flesh. 

But first here’s the band’s bassist, E. Cruz, to explain what inspired the formation of Crematory Stench:

What inspired us? All the shit bands coming out of Orange County. All the wanna be ‘Death metal’ bands that think technical death metal is the only style of Death metal. Nothing raw coming out of Orange County, [only] triggered drums, over-produced guitars. All the same, we chose death metal because this is kind of everyone’s strong point, we enjoy it the most. So far we feel great about the release, strong and good reviews.

Warning: This material is hazardous and highly contagious! 

Crematory Stench drops this Friday, the 19th, from FDA Rekotz. US customers are advised to check out Crematory Stench’s Bandcamp to order the CD. While Germany’s Destruktion Records will release the tape version in September.