“Trans-apocalyptic” psych droners Darsombra are about to hit you up with some seriously weird , perception-expanding atmospherics when the band drops Polyvision — its first album in four years — on September 9 via Translation Loss just six days ahead of a sure-to-be-memorable appearance at Shadow Woods Metal Fest.

“‘Polyvision’ has many meanings for us,” Darsombra founder Brian Daniloski tells Decibel. “It means a vision of more than one. Since our last release, Darsombra has shifted from one person creating music on stage to two. Our live show [now] has a multi-faceted visual element to it as well. There are many layers of both sound and visual stimulation. We tend to be very ‘poly’ in our approach…[A]nd despite previous album reviews mentioning the synthesizers on Darsombra releases, this is the first one with an actual synthesizer on it!”

Check out our exclusive stream of the epic “Underworld,” which Daniloski calls “the most accurate representation of our creative evolution at this time,” below.

Darsombra will be on tour “extensively around the world. . . possibly the milky way and beyond!” from September 15 through November 4. For more information visit the band via their official site