Skeptic Death: Streaming Voidspawn’s debut + Q&A

US-based, obscure death metal entity Voidspawn released their debut EP, Pyrrhic, on July 30th. Little else is known about the band and their debut except that Pyrrhic will swallow you whole. Like jamming Immolation’s Close to a World Below while hurtling through space at varying and unpredictable speeds, tumbling weightlessly, further and further away from possible rescue, spinning endlessly, deeper and deeper into the inescapable void, Pyrrhic drives a paradigm shift like a wedge into your mind. These three songs will change the way you hear death metal from here on out. If you think I’m being hyperbolic you just haven’t heard Voidspawn yet.

In an attempt to dispel the feverish madness that gripped me upon hearing Pyrrhic for the first time, I tracked down one half of the two piece that is Voidspawn. Here are the few answers that “M.” was actually willing to answer. Full stream of Pyrrhic to follow.

Voidspawn is almost a one-man band, but not quite. Is that right?

That’s correct, I had the music written and asked a friend to join the band as vocalist, as their style and delivery fit perfectly with the music.

What’s the philosophy behind Voidspawn? I know there must be one since the song titles themselves have such philosophical leanings. I mean, the EP itself is named after the philosopher Pyrrho, right?

Correct, Pyrrho was a reference. There are definite philosophical leanings aligning more towards the stances of absurdism/skepticism. As such, Pyrrhic deals with our views on the absurdity of the human condition; the seemingly inherent need for people to spend their lives searching for meaning.

Sometime last week a friend of mine (Jake R. of Graceless Recordings) told me about you guys, and since then you’ve inked a deal with Unspeakable Axe Records. How did that come about?

Eric contacted us indicating that a friend had shown him our material and he was interested in working with us on releasing Pyrrhic on physical format and beyond. A fortunate set of circumstances, if there ever were any. He has been great so far, and we look forward to working with him and Unspeakable Axe Records.

What’s next for Voidspawn?

Pyrrhic was written & recorded in a very short amount of time, and we have begun writing for our debut full length. Pyrrhic will be released via Unspeakable Axe Records on CD, and we will have news on a tape release as well in the coming weeks. We are hoping to release our debut full length in 2017.

Click here to pre-order Pyrrhic from Unspeakable Axe Records. Cover art by Kyle Otto.