Stream the Reissue of Integrity’s ‘Those Who Fear Tomorrow’

Integrity’s second album, Systems Overload, may have a place in Decibel’s Hall of Fame, but the Cleveland hardcore outfit didn’t pull any punches on their first record either. Their 1991 debut, Those Who Fear Tomorrow, is a genre-defining metallic hardcore album with a re-release coming out soon on Magic Bullet Records. 

The remastered Those Who Fear Tomorrow hits the streets on August 5, but it can be streamed below. Once you listen, preorder the digital or CD version of the album. 

The reissue also features complete lyrics plus liner notes by Integrity’s original guitarist, Aaron Melnick. Integrity’s trademark blend of metal and hardcore has kept the band as a force in hardcore throughout their career, spanning 10 full length albums plus a number of EPs and splits. 

The September issue of Decibel also features a flexi with Integrity’s cover of Randy Uchida Group’s “Deathly Fighter”—including the Japanese lyrics. 

Integrity will headline the Electric Factory for This Is Hardcore in Philadelphia the same day the 25 Year Anniversary version of Those Who Fear Tomorrow is released, sharing the stage with bands like Ringworm, Full of Hell and Eternal Sleep.