German Black Metal Duo Imperium Dekadenz Premiere ‘Dis Manibvs’

In Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Vol. 1 (pre-order here) author Dayal Patterson traces the origins of depressive suicidal black metal, ultimately settling on Bethlehem (the band, not the location) as the micro-genre’s logical genesis. Though German duo Imperium Dekadenz aren’t likely going full-on DSBM Silencer-styled pysch ward anytime soon, there are definitely traits of Dark Metal-era Bethlehem and early Burzum coloring their melancholic soundscape. So, while the title track of their forthcoming album, Dis Manibvs, occasionally shimmers like Deafheaven or early Alcest, there’s a streak of menace behind all of it.

“Our title track ‘Dis Manibvs’ describes a journey to the desperate moment of death when attending a loved person doomed to pass away,” the band tells Decibel. “Its heavy low-tempo melodies might remind you of songs like ‘Staub und Erinnungen’ from our album Dämmerung der Szenarien. They are supported by a down-tuned seven-string e-guitar, which creates a dark depressive atmosphere until a furious blast marks the very moment of death. In our mind, ‘Dis Manibvs’ represents the most intimate and dark track on our forthcoming release.”

Dis Manibvs is out on August 26 via Season of Mist, but is available now for pre-order

Dis Manibvs Track List:
1. In Todesbanden
2. Only Fragments Of Light
3. Still I Rise
4. Dis Manibvs
5. Pantheon Spells
6. Vae Victis
7. Volcano
8. Somnia
9. Pure Nocturnal Rome
10. Seikilos