Brujeria: “Trump Shouldn’t Say ‘F*ck the Mexicans.’ They’ll Come and Kill Him”

Mexican-American Satanic druglords Brujeria have made their way onto the cover of what will surely be our most family-friendly issue ever.

In a seven-page cover story, founder/vocalist Juan Brujo doesn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts on Republican presidential candidate (and noted Mexican border wall enthusiast) Donald Trump.

“I think this country’s the best it’s ever been,” he tells Decibel. “Some things are wrong, yeah, but I was born when they had black bathrooms and white bathrooms, you know? And Trump wants to bring that back! He’s talking shit about everybody—the blacks, the Muslims, the Mexicans. And his followers are the worst. They’re scary people. They say, ‘Oh, it was better before.’ What was better? The hating?” 

“Trump shouldn’t say, ‘Fuck the Mexicans,’” he concludes gravely. “They’ll come and kill him. There’s a Mexican army out there within the United States—lawyers, doctors, politicians—but you don’t see it. You might not even know some of them are Latino until something happens and they come out fighting. It’s gonna happen. It’s ready to go. If Trump wins, we’ll do ‘Matando Güeros’ again—in English this time.” 

Domestic Deluxe (includes flexi disc) and Basic Decibel subscribers can expect to receive the issue within the next two weeks. If you haven’t ponied up for a dB subscription, fear not, we have an EXTREMELY LIMITED number of copies of the issue (which include the Integrity flexi disc) available in our webstore here.