Hail Peavey! Doom lords Methra debut video for “Dead Ram”

A little over a month ago, a mysterious Tucson-based Peavey-worshiping doom duo called Methra released a gloriously low-budget homage to the life’s work of Peavey founder Hartley Peavey called “Hartley’s Cult.”

Most of us weren’t sure what the hell was going on, so Methra have graciously returned to answer questions. Sort of.

“Upon completion of our ‘Hartley’s Cult’ music video, we realized the story was not complete” the band tells Decibel. “We asked ourselves, ‘WWGLD: what would George Lucas do?’ The answer was simple; a prequel, with even better (worse) effects. Who was the Acolyte? What drives Him?”

As best we can tell, a crazed drifter can somehow hear Methra practice on the other side of town… and he HATES it. You can draw your own conclusions to the plot line (or potline, GET IT?) of “Dead Ram” by spending the next few minutes with it below.

Methra’s Acolyte LP is available new via Battleground Records.