Deeds of Flesh’s Craig Peters Debuts Track from Destroying the Devoid Project

We like our Deeds of Flesh-styled brutal tech death metal plenty around the Decibel offices. And we have a soft spot for the atmospheric/symphonic DM approach of Septicflesh and Dimmu Borgir (sans that last album, natch). What we didn’t know was how much we dig those two micro-genres fashioned together! Fortunately, Deeds of Flesh guitarist Craig Peters knows us better than anyone, so he formed Destroying the Devoid just two years ago as way to express his more melodic, progressive,—dare we type—“film score-y” side, while still adhering the framework of the death metals. And we’ve got the fruits of his labor right here in the form of the world premiere of “The Endless Cycles of Lunacy” from forthcoming debut LP Paramnesia.

“‘The Endless Cycles of Lunacy’ is a song that takes you through the mind of someone losing sight of reality,” Peters tells Decibel. “The music is very frantic but sways in and out of moments of schizophrenia and sorrow. It is a musical representation of the darkest polarity of the human psyche.”

Destroying the Devoid’s Paramnesia is out via Unique Leader Records in August 19. You’ll be able to pre-order it here shortly.