Horseback Ride Again With New Track “Lion Killer”

It seems like just yesterday that Horseback’s The Invisible Mountain came out of nowhere, landing at the #15 position of Decibel’s Top 40 Albums of the Year list. Well, that was actually six fucking years ago. In between, the Chapel Hill project has produced a visible mountain of splits, EPs and LPs of experimental psychedelic and electroacoustic awesomeness. Today we have the latest output in the form of “Lion Killers,” which is taken from their new LP Dead Ringers, scheduled to drop on Relapse next month. 

“The muse dictated a creepy, electronic sound palette this time around,” main songwriter Jenks Miller. “Because recent Rose Cross records have been pursuing the pastoral psych-rock sound of Horseback’s 2014 record, Piedmont Apocrypha, we had an opportunity to venture into the heady regions of the ‘hidden reverse.’ This isn’t really new territory for Horseback, as Coil, Nurse With Wound, and a handful of post-punk bands have always been very influential to our sound. But it’s certainly the furthest we’ve traveled in this particular direction.”

Dead Ringers is available through Relapse on August 12, but you can pre-order it right here.