Jar’d Loose is Dead. Long Live Something Is Waiting

Eagle-eyed Decibel site readers will likely recall name Eddie Gobbo as the author of “Encrotchment,” the only weekly NFL column in the history of the internet that included You Can’t Do that on Television YouTube links. 

But guess what? When he isn’t cheering on his Bears towards their inventible 9-7 record, Mr. Gobbo also likes the rock ‘n’ roll. In fact, we first became acquainted with him via the power and fury of noise rock crushers Jar’d Loose. That band is sadly no more, but Gobbo’s new act, Something Is Waiting picks up right where Jar’d Loose left off. Just like going from Jay Cutler to Josh McCown. Or something. Anyway, we’ve got the world premiere of a new the Something Is Waiting tune “Cult House” and Eddie’s got the tale behind its genesis. 

“Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a lot of people from the Midwest, where I’m from, have been moving out to the West Coast to play music. I got to thinking (or daydreaming): What if someone forced them all to live in one house once they got out there and filmed it for a reality TV show? ‘Cult House’ is essentially the theme song for that nonexistent show.”

Something is Waiting’s debut album is called The Something is Waiting Band. It drops July 22 on The Path Less Traveled Records.