It takes a special kind of band to pull off soaring, guitar-driven alt-rock in 2016, and unless your band is named “Cave In” and we’ve stepped into a time machine there’s a good chance it’s not even on our radar, because “soaring, guitar-driven alt-rock” sounds horrid. But, wait: LA-based Aeges are not horrid, they’re actually completely awesome, and their upcoming third album, Weightless, is easily their best material yet.

Today, we’re bringing you the album’s title track as an exclusive premiere. It kicks off the disc in spectacular fashion, and the best part is that it’s not even the most ass-kicking song on the album. But you’ll have to wait to hear the whole disc; for now, we’ll let guitarist/vocalist Kemble Walters fill you in on the title track.

Leather jackets and big riffs: Aeges have arrived.
Leather jackets and big riffs: Aeges have arrived.

We wrote about 30 songs for this album, and the song ‘Weightless’ was immediately a standout track to all of us. The song came together really quickly and it didn’t change much from the demo to what you’re hearing now. It’s dirty, grungy, and sets the tone for the rest of the album.”

As far as the album goes, Walters says that the band took their time crafting the songs to make what they feel is their best album yet.

With the new album our goal was to challenge ourselves and expand upon the use of two lead singers. The songwriting and vocal arrangements are more ambitious than our previous releases.”

Weightless drops on July 22 on Another Century Records. The single for “Weightless” will be available on Friday, June 24 through digital service providers. Head here for pre-order options for the album.

Now, dust off that air guitar, because you most definitely will use it during “Weightless,” which you can check out right here: