Unmerciful Unmercifully Premiere “Unmerciful”

Black Sabbath. Iron Maiden. Angel Witch. The history of legendary heavy metal bands with an equally legendary eponymous song is pretty goddamn impressive. In death metal, Decibel will go with the unholy trinity of Asphyx, Deicide and Origin when it comes to naming a great song after an already great band. Kansas crushers—and Origin neighbors—Unmerciful are looking to make it a “Big Four” of self-titled radness with the opening track from their forthcoming LP Ravenous Impulse. Get the straight dope from guitarist Clint Appelhanz before you dive face-first into the brutal death vortex.

“You want it, you got it. Feel the power, feel the intensity of Unmerciful. This song is a collaboration of all our writing styles packed into one and features guest backup vocals from some of our local death metal legends. Enjoy.”

Ravenous Impulse streets on July 22 via the always reliable Unique Leader. Preorder it here.