Hatchet unleashed its dark thrash smorgasbord Fear Beyond Lunacy on the day before Halloween last year, but these San Fran shredders aren’t done bringing the scary and fucking with your psyche quite yet as our exclusive premiere below of the band’s disquieting video for “Tearing Into Hell” makes abundantly clear.

“This song is the most aggressive track from our latest album and, as a band, we wanted a dark and intrusive feel to match it,” Hatchet guitarist/vocalist Julz Ramos tells Decibel. “As the mind behind the lyrics, I especially wanted to convey the subject matter of the song in no uncertain terms: The most horrific of evils existing in our everyday lives; the serial murderers that hide among us all in plain sight. There are the many infamous ones we know of — many of whom are thankfully behind bars or dead. Countless others, however, remain at-large, even more are yet undiscovered, and — the most chilling thought of all — there are those that haven’t fully developed yet to this day. Most of the images and clips in the video focus on the well known killers. But their crimes have earned them a special place in what we think of as Hell. And these people don’t just go to Hell — they make a grand entrance and hold a very well-earned spot in their eternity!”

Tearing Into Hell s available via iTunes and Amazon. Keep up with the band via Facebook and Twitter.