Track Premiere: Temple Nightside Are Right Side of Black/Death Destruction

I realize that if you’re Dutch Pearce, the Iron BoneHead Productions label is like the Roadrunner Records of your underground listening experience. But for the rest of you with deep aversions to all that is nerco and cult, please don’t sleep on this tiny German indie any longer. Sure, they have a group called שְׁאוֹל on their roster, but in addition to black, death and beyond, there are some wonderfully accessible bands they’re distributing as well. 

Australia’s Temple Nightside are, admittedly, not one of those acts! Their claustrophobic blend of black/death has a few obvious parallels to fellow countrymen Portal, but offers just a little more breathing room. Jump in face-first with the appropriate-titled “Fortress of Burden and Distress” from their forthcoming The Hecatomb LP after you digest the following, um, “statement” from founder IV about the track—OK, about fuck knows what, actually—below. 

“An age spent lurking deep beneath these sands sorrowful. Lain in this desert of solitude, sinking into nothingness… Dirge – Dolor – ‘Et Mors; Ego Autem’” 

The Hecatomb is available on Iron BoneHead Productions August 5.