Decibel Video Premiere: Alaric’s “Adore”

Alaric first caught our attention via their fantastic split with Atriarch four years ago. Their contributions were poignant and sad, the kind of songs that express the heartbreak of being human in new yet familiar ways. If “Weep” didn’t make you feel something then you clearly lack a soul. In the ensuing years, Alaric went on a semi-hiatus until finally resurfacing to record their best album yet, the stunning End Of Mirrors on Neurot. It draws on a wealth of good music: Bauhaus, Christian Death, Neurosis and even Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd.

Decibel is thrilled to premiere the first video from that album, put together by Lara Miranda and Patricia Cram. Vocalist and lyricist Shane Baker said the filmmakers received “free reign” to make the video and returned with something that, while unexpected, honors the band’s minimalist ethos.”We asked them to go through the record and see which song worked for them and it was ‘Adore.’ I did send them a bit of an analysis of what the songs were about but they went with their own interpretation and it’s awesome.” 

Decibel will feature an extensive Q&A with Baker this coming Monday (6-6). In the interim, you can stream the new video below and order a copy of End Of Mirrors if you don’t own it already.