Bass/Drum Gore-Punks Mouth Demand You Open up and “Suck the Worm”

“Death ‘n’ roll” is pretty well-established, so you may think Oakland’s Mouth is diving into the dark heart of that genre with their new LP Deathroll. Instead the band creates something much crustier, anarchic and off-putting. 

True, the bass-and-drum duo knows how to pound out a skullcracking hook and they clearly have a love for their shredding, long-haired forebears. But with the help of engineer and Kowloon Walled City frontman Scott Evans, the piercing feedback, crusty vocals, blasts of powerviolence and smothering rhythmic attacks make for a messy, mutilated affair. 

Closing track “Suck the Worm” explains this perfectly, making you feel like you’ve been dropped into the middle of a riot after chugging a molotov cocktail. 

Deathroll will be out on limited vinyl in mid-September and the band is taking preorders now on their Bandcamp, where you can also download their free-as-hell three-song EP Corpus. 

Suck it down, folks.