Black Sheep of the Black Twilight Circle: Streaming Shataan’s “Eulogy”

There’s something to be said about being the weird one among a collective of outsiders . . . but we’ll save it because finally there is new material from Shataan. Suffice to say that despite his hitherto scant offerings under his own moniker, Shataan is, and always has been, an active part of the Black Twilight Circle, that West Coast constellation of USBM bands lately focused on pre-European Mesoamerican primitivism. Compared to Arizmenda’s and Volahn’s already extensive discography Shataan’s taken his time to release this debut full length. Lucky for you it was time well spent. Weigh of the Wolf is pure savantism. Like music smuggled back from a peyote- and PBR-fueled vision where euphoria devours fear and anxiety and regurgitates wisdom and divine understanding; where flutes pipe and winds beat like drums, where guitars are spirit animals and their riffs are visibly written upon the earth and the ether. In short, this album is unlike anything you’ve ever heard until you’re your futureself and you’re hearing it all time.

Check out what Shataan himself has to say about his song “Eulogy,” streaming below for your pleasure.  

“‘Eulogy’ begins with a question. What is the difference between a vivid dream and reality? . .  Were you there in the future, in your mind, time traveling with your spirit? The body ages but in dreams our mind opens and the conscious mind opens into the subconscious and views the passing of years. Every life we live we have lived before. But where is the one we seek and why? Who is where and what is how? Dancing with my thoughts before I wake up and mostly forgetting. What’s  the point when it will all happen again? My human eyes will never see. My brain will never conceive but my subconscious knows. I just can’t remember when I awake. Fogged by my conscious mind. Who will mourn? No one.

Weigh of the Wolf will be out on pro-tape from Crepusculo Negro this summer. Iron Bonehead will handle the European vinyl version, while Indifferent Nightmare, Shataan’s own label, will release the album on CD and vinyl stateside.