Waldo Pecks on Melvins, Bat and, um, Dead By Wednesday

What’s up, ‘beak Geeks? You know me, my feathered, cranky cloaca is here to review, some (not so) great releases. C’mon, guys, metal is getting really washed out with boring releases and although some are good, it’s WAY more fun for me to like spew birdshit all over some of the poopy ones, so read on, my friends.

Melvins are releasing Bases Loaded on Ipecac. The first thing to note here, is that this release of course has Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover, but every track features a different bass player on every track. Some featured here are Krist Noveselic (Nirvana), Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle and more) and JD Pinkus (Butthole Surfers). It’s this birdbrain’s personal opinion that Melvins release a record every year just so they can continue touring. The last couple of records have been decent Melvins records, not great, but not bad, and this one is no exception. First of all, one notices the sound, the production isn’t bad, it’s just like not very present. This could definitely deal with a kick in the ass production wise, and it kinda has an overall classic rock vibe dude to the sound of it. The songwriting here is good, weird, but hey, it’s Melvins, whaddya expect. Overall this seems a little scattered, but again, it’s Melvins, and aside from the throwaway “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” this is a decent record. 5 Fucking Pecks

Supergroup Bat are releasing Wings of Chains on Hell’s Headbangers, featuring members of Municipal Waste, D.R.I. and Volture, this is a speed metal slab, and boy does their collective experience shine through on this. Typically a retro sound like this done in modern times doesn’t enthrall this avian elitist, but this is pretty ripping. This IS speed metal, I mean speed metal to a “T” but doesn’t’ feel like some new jacks perpetrating a sound. I’m pecking digging this, I mean there’s not much to be said here, the songs are upbeat, and the production lends to the overall feel of the thing. Seriously, this is cool, check this out. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Dead By Wednesday are putting out the utterly poopy Darkest of Angels (no NOT DARK ANGEL, which rules). To call this thrash is a bold statement, and they are making that statement, albeit not very well. This is “thrash metal” with some singy parts thrown in to remind you that this sucks, in case you forgot. OF COURSE they toured with Shadows Fall, which is no surprise because the singer looks like he could be in Shadows Fall. This is garbage, go to the mall, and like make fun of anyone wearing this band’s shirt. 1 Fucking Peck.

Well, until next time…