New England’s Conclave Pick Up the Bong, Not the Change

I realize it’s foolish to do so, but when someone tells me about a new metal band from New England, the first thing I do is imagine some knuckle-dragging breakdown-happy metalcore monstrosity that would pay to play at 1pm at a godforsaken metalfest that I mercifully never have to attend for the rest of my fucking life. 

See? Totally stupid. Especially when the New England metal band in question are newcomers Conclave, who feature Warhorse, Grief, Disrupt and Desolate alumni among their ranks. You can familiarize yourself with their stoner/sludgey approach via the video for “Cut it Off” below, but only after the band drops some mad context about the track and the video itself.

“Both musically and lyrically ‘Cut It Off’ is punching yourself out of a box. When you’ve had enough of the shit and nothing seems to matter or hold value anymore. You’ve reached the point where you’re willing and ready to destroy everything, starting with yourself. Scorched. Fucking. Earth.

“As far as this video goes, it was shot by a friend of ours in Worcester, MA and is the very first time we ever played ‘Cut It Off’ live for the public. It was a great time and a great show with a sweet line up of bands: Second Grave, Conclave, Magic Circle, Crypt Sermon and Gospel of the Witches.”

Conclave’s breakdown-free debut album, Sins of the Elders, will be independently released June 10. Peep their Bandcamp page here.