Video Premiere: Thrash Trio Nervosa aren’t Negotiating in “Hostages”

Brazilian bashers Nervosa are dropping their succinctly titled second LP Agony on June 3 via Napalm Records. Decibel got an early preview of the record and we can confirm that the trio’s Kreator/Slayer/Sepultura-styled assault has been honed to an instantly fatal steel tip. 

Want proof? Check out the premiere of their new video “Hostages” after bassist/vocalist Fernanda Lira provides some social and political context.

“On this song we talk about a situation that unfortunately is pretty common here in Brazil, and iIthink in many other countries around the globe,” she tells Decibel. “Because of bad corrupt politicians that don’t take care properly of society’s basic needs, like quality health system for example, many people die on hospital aisles everyday. So, we decided to picture this problem in a very ‘bloody’ way on the video, that is sadly not even close to the horror that happens in the real life of people that depend on public hospitals!”

Pre-order Agony from Napalm Records here