Italian Tech-Deathsters Deceptionist Find Themsleves with “Quest for Identity”

It’s official: Italian Tech Death is borderline a thing at this point! Hour of Penance! Hideous Divinity! Gory Blister! Whatever else Willowtip and Unique Leader signed last week! Joking aside, we—more or less—have the latter right here with ultra-skilled pisons Deceptionist, whose debut full-length, Initializing Irreversible Process, drops on Unique Leader on June 17. Here’s a taste in the form of the premiere of the video for album track “Quest for Identity.”

OK, so nothing much is actually happening in this video, but that alien/man/machine cover art shit is pretty sweet, right? After you’re done staring at it for three minutes or so, zoom on over to the UL store and pre-order a copy of Initializing Irreversible Process here