For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks on Gorguts, Weekend Nachos, Thor

What’s up, fools? You know the deal here: It’s your old boy Waldo talking about some releases, and, hey, I MIGHT actually write about some things I actually like this time, who knows? Well, you will once you read on…

Gorguts are releasing Pleiades’ Dust, an EP of sorts, on Season of Mist. To call this an ep is a little unfair, as it’s just one 33 minute song, albeit in different movements. I gotta say, I pecking LOVE this. This is a really solid continuation after their last effort, and kinda ties in. One thing that’s immediately apparent is that this is a beautifully constructed piece, and although it’s broken into sections, it does feel like a complete piece. So, a quick rundown of this, this has some dark/ambient kind of passages and a little bit of an industrial feel at times, and the interplay of the guitars really sticks out, as does the phenomenal drumming. There is definitely the Gorguts sound, and sound like the band, but this is a whole other experiment that paid off in spades. Killer. 9 Fucking Pecks

So what does one say about Weekend Nachos? I mean, if you like powerviolence (and who doesn’t really?) and hardcore, WN should be one of your go to bands. So, what about Apology you ask? Well, it’s Weekend Nachos, that’s for sure. Sometimes called “jock violence” (which is lame), this is energetic hardcore violence with blast beats that is still somehow catchy. One really notices how much anger these dudes can pack into a two-minute or less track. Bummer for those of you just getting into them — this is it, this is the last release they will ever do, so, you know go and check out all of their older birdshit and get ready to circle pit in your living room. 8 Fucking Pecks.

OK, OK, OK, I really don’t like reviewing re-releases, but the Metal God himself is back, well, RE-back. Thor is back with his semi classic re release of Keep the Dogs Away. This Canadian is well known for bending steel over his head at his shows, for blowing up hot water bottles like balloons, and well, metal… sorta. Calling this metal is painting metal with a VERY broad brush; this is more akin to hard rock, but since this was released in 1977, I guess it could be considered “heavy metal” for its time. These are odes to like rocking out and catching a tiger and stuff like that — definitely not for everybody, but most definitely fun. 6 Fucking Pecks.