Exclusive Premiere: Gorguts Crush Expectations, Standard Metal, and Everything Else into “Pleiades’ Dust”

Few (or, even possibly, no other) extreme metal band inspires the same sort of reaction as Gorguts: most noted for Obscura, which still puzzles even longtime headbangers more than a Rubik’s Cube with 15 colors, the band returned to the world of the deathly avant-garde with 2013’s Colored Sands, an album that still mystifies the unprepared. And now, new EP Pleiades’ Dust expands upon the band’s signature library of the weird with a single, 33-minute track that adds a new chapter to that quintessential “I’ve never heard anything like that” Gorguts sound. In honor of the world-crushing EP, and for which we are positively chuffed, Gorguts is the cover story in the current issue.

Particular highlights include the spectacular yet punctuated history of the band, the reasons for dynamic member shifts, and why Gorguts continually sounds so very unearthly (as well as some other goodies like hitchhiking to play music).

Pleiades’ Dust
will be released May 13th on Season of Mist, for which we’re even more chuffed, as we can offer the exclusive premiere of the world-devastating auditory anomaly.
Guitarist/vocalist Luc Lemay introduces:

Dear fans,

It with great joy that we can finally share this new sonic painting with you. I must say that I’ve been looking forward this moment for quite some time now. I couldn’t be more proud of this new amalgam of themes, ambiances and surprises that appeared along the process of carving this new composition. I like to call them “happy accidents”. That’s what the beauty of writing and composing is all about.

I’m also very happy that the story of a long forgotten library made his way to my curiosity. With this theme, I was able to pay an ode to those ancient thinkers, to the beauty of books and history. Three things that have been fascinating me for a long, long time.


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click play on the YouTube link, then grab the June 2016 issue for the full story. Trust us, this is the correct way to complete the process.