Book to Film to Crushing Death Metal Song to Intense Video: Hideous Divinity Premiere

In September of 2014 we premiered the video for “Sinister and Demented” from Hideous Divinity‘s then-upcoming full-length Cobra Verde. Today we’ve got a second video from the Italian five-piece, this time of the title track. The video for “Cobra Verde” delves into the inspiration for the record, a 1987 German film by the same title…. which was itself based on a 1980 novel, The Viceroy of Ouidah, by the British author Bruce Chatwin.  

Enough of that book nonsense though (who reads print anymore?). We’ll defer to Hideous Divinity for the proper introduction, which expounds upon the somewhat complex cross-platform move of book-film-song-video:

The surrealistic, soaring visions populating Herzog’s Cobra Verde haunted our songwriting like a nightmare, and inspired the concept of our second album. When it was time to think about a videoclip, we found ourselves in front of a fascinating challenge: how to visually render the atmosphere of an entire epic movie in the space of a song. After watching the work of the young and talented Guilherme Henriques Silva, we knew he was the right person for the job. Filmed between Roma (in the evocative location of Tor Caldara, where the mighty Ben Hur was shot) and Porto, the videoclip captures the magic and the occult of our African curse made flesh. The title track, with its dramatic mid tempos and pauses, made the rest. Join us, one more time, in the land where there the dead are more alive than the living. Fear no end, fear no spirit! 

Cobra Verde, as well as the band’s 2012 full-length debut Obeisance Rising, were both released on Unique Leader and are available here. For more Hideous Divinity news and updates, keep up with the band on Facebook.