Spotlights Exclusive Stream: Husband/Wife Duo Marry Psych With Sludge

There is a lot of love thrown around by the Brooklyn-based Spotlights. The married couple clearly have an affinity for 90s rock, luscious psych and rattling sludge.

Over the course of almost seven minutes, the song “Hover,” off their debut full-length Tidals, shows all of this, as the band opens with pounding rhythms and erratic guitar before it segues into hazy melodies and an absolutely pulverizing doom riff.

And the whole time singer/bassist Sarah Quintero’s vocals flow in and around the music like a slowly evaporating dream. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to headbang with tears in your eyes.

Check out the song below and prepare for Tidals out on Crowquill Records May 13th. You can also catch the band the day after for a record release show at ABC No Rio in NYC.