Giveaway: Win an Incantation Prizepack, Including an Autographed, Pressing NUMBER ONE of the New LP “XXV”

Most everything you need to know is in that title, however, because Team Decibel gets all fanboy-level excited about Incantation, we would like to clarify that this contest is indeed for the copy of XXV with the big numero uno on it. And yes, it’s autographed by the band.

XXV was independently released on April 1st in celebration of a quarter century of blasphemous death metal. Which isn’t to be understated by any means — this particular publication would like to say we’ve been around for at least part of the ride, with such highlights as the induction of Onward to Golgotha into our Hall of Fame, and the inclusion of two records in our Top 100 Death Metal Albums of All Time special issue (plus, more references in back issues than we can count). With regards to the present, our June 2016 issue contains a studio short for an upcoming full-length (which drummer Kyle Severn calls “pure unholy blasphemic death metal straight out of the doomy depths of Hell”) and a review of XXV (which, as you can guess, our E-i-C may have some positive things to say about). So, yeah, Incantation. 

The profane 12″ in question, which is hand-numbered and limited to 1,000, contains a new track recorded for this release, three re-recordings (exclusive to this release), and four live tracks (also exclusive to this release). Now if that wasn’t suitably deathly to catch your attention, this prizepack also contains:

  •  XXV shirt (available in sizes M- XXL)  
  • double-sided photo pick card
  • one show poster from the band’s history
  • assorted stickers from throughout the band’s career 

To enter, just email [email protected] with your favorite Incantation moment, and we’ll pick a winner on  May 13th. Until then, check out the official video for the release, which contains an explanation of the LP from John McEntee and Kyle Severn, as well samples of the songs within. In the event you aren’t the lucky winner of this extra blasphemous giveaway, XXV is available at in black or white vinyl, as well as merch packages