Taphos Nomos’ Top 5 Eco-Conscious Metal Songs

Choosing Death Fest goes down April 16 at Philadelphia’s Union Transfer. To celebrate, we’re asking some of the artists performing to list some very specific “death metal top 5s.” Mountain of Doom, the source of vocal emanations from Taphos Nomos, responded to our request with the following:

You have asked for our “top five picks of environmentally-themed death metal.” We like your specificity, except we will stray from that left hand path, for the message is greater than the genre always. Here you are then:

– “Unfit Earth” by Napalm Death from Harmony Corruption (1990), featuring John Tardy and Glen Benton on guest vox. This song is very funny to us. “Silent screams . . . ” Not hardly! More like “human screams from inside a tornado!” We understand, though. Your scientists withheld in the information, they didn’t want to crush anyone’s optimism. Not even the mighty Napalm Death could’ve predicted how quickly things would turn so bad. “Silent screams!” LOL! Excellent song, though. 

– “Dreamer” by Ozzy Osbourne from Down to Earth (2001).
Ozzy loves his ballads and we love our Ozzy ballads. “Changes” will dig your heart out of your chest if listened to in an emotionally vulnerable state. But “Dreamer” is a saccharine, wafer-thin pop affair whose first verse really irks us. Yes, Mr. Osbourne, thank you for concern, but “Mother Earth” will definitely “survive.” Really, it’s yourself and the rest of “mankind” that you ought to be concerned for. Dig the glasses, though. 

– “Critical Mass” by Nuclear Assault from Handle with Care (1989).
Dan Lilker rules! Nuclear Assault get right to the pith, time and time again. Except were the women in decolletage necessary? Three steps ahead for killer tunes, prophetic lyrics and cool headbanging, and one step back for objectifying women. Not bad for a late 80s metal band. Certainly better than most! 

– “Unfit for Human Composition” by Carcass from Surgical Steel (2013).
Carcass are immortally relevant. This is the reunion by which all others should be measured. 

– “World Eater” by Bolt Thrower from Realm of Chaos (1989).
Many things can eat worlds. This song has lately made me think of the invasive ivy that’s currently swallowing Pittsburgh whole. The city officials have brought in goats to eat this so-called creeper vine! Truly the end is nigh when goats roam the streets and the sun drowns every night in its own blood. Yet people just walk around, eyes glued to their phones, oblivious to the writing on the wall. 

– “Blackened” by Metallica from . . . And Justice for All (1988).
Metallica almost had it right. Once again, the planet is not dying. It is changing. It’s getting hotter and less habitable for life, especially human life. That’s the whole point.

In addition, we also managed to get a bonus, yet-to-be-recorded, live track from Taphos Nomos. Enjoy this OSDM-inspired rager, and get excited for some “Arboreal Entombment” by way of Taphos Nomos at Choosing Death Fest.