EXCLUSIVE: A View Into New Moonsorrow Documentary, Home Of The Wind

** Home Of The Wind: A History of Moonsorrow is a documentary about Finnish heathen metallers Moonsorrow. The independently-produced piece will be entirely crowd-funded (HERE to assist), but has full cooperation of Moonsorrow. So, fans of the mighty, the epic, and the pagan, show your support for Home Of The Wind: A History of Moonsorrow!

For 20 years, Finnish epic heathen metallers Moonsorrow have produced one pagan anthem after another, quickly becoming a reference in the genre, then changing their style completely and becoming a reference again. Such a unique band deserves a documentary delving deep into its history and the masterminds behind it, and that is exactly what Home Of The Wind will be.

This independent project, started by the Argentinian-Spanish team consisting of filmmaker Leo Aragón (Jörmungandr Media) and Abel “Grilo” do Demo (writer of the Unofficial Moonsorrow Biography), will be a full-length cinematic documentary, featuring interviews with all the band members and shot at the locations that are relevant in Moonsorrow’s history: from the garage where the demos were recorded by the then young and inexperienced Sorvali cousins, to the forests they currently find inspiration from for creating their masterpieces.

Leo explains, “We don’t want to release a documentary featuring plain interviews, party scenes or backstage footage. While that can be interesting sometimes, it has been done too many times. Instead, we want to give our movie a very different, more cinematic and atmospheric approach.” That will be totally appreciated thought this new trailer, where you will hear the voices of the protagonists for the very first time.

Home Of The Wind will by financed through a crowdfunding campaign that will start in May. The perks will go from digital packages and physical DVDs to unique objects donated by the band members. Grilo comments, “Besides this ‘funding’ part, which obviously is crucial, the ‘crowd’ part is equally important. We encourage everybody who has any idea or skill that can add to a better result to contact us through our Official Facebook. So far we have a great team of other filmmakers, composers, subtitlers and other professionals, and it is constantly growing. What can YOU contribute? Let us know!”

Home Of The Wind is scheduled to be filmed this summer. Meanwhile, you can follow and support their upcoming album, Jumalten Aika, which is scheduled for an April 1st release on Century Media Records. Pre-order and social links after the video.

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