For those about to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

There are some REALLY good releases coming up this month, can you tell I’m rolling my eyes? Can parrots actually roll their eyes? I will say that Krighsu by Wormed has been kicking my feathered ass, I can’t believe I slept on reviewing that one, someone must’ve put a cover over my cage. There’s going to be a new BabyMetal (yawn), so let’s see what we’ve got coming up shall we?

Graves At Sea have been kicking it around in the under underground forever it seems and are FINALLY releasing their first full length The Curse That Is on Relapse Records. On this 70+ minute slab, the vocals are the first thing that stand out. Full of vitriol and hate, all of the elements from the previously released material are here. The guitar tones seem to have warmed up a bit and the sludge/doom/stoner amalgam is still here, but it all comes across with a little less teeth than this bird brain would care for. That’s not to say that this or the songs aren’t good, as there are some down and dirty moment, but the overall production of this thing doesn’t really lend to the vibe and is a little too polished for the genre. Overall this is a solid record and I’m sure this punishes live. 6 Fucking Pecks.

The German duo Mantar are making quite a racket, and I mean a loud as peck racket. Ode To The Flame is a heavier noise than most bands with more than two members. Part black metal, part sludge, part noise rock and squawk, I’m not even sure how to classify the rest of this. This is mean, this is nasty, and even though it’s a mixed bag stylistically, there’s not really any genre hopping going on here. Ode To The Flame is a shining example of how one can mix their influences and have it come across as a uniquely their own. Will this record change your life? Probably not. Is it a kickass metal record? Definitely. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Swedish D Beat/punk legends Victims are back at it again with Siren on Tankcrimes. This is exactly what’d you’d expect. Punk played at a furious pace, with screamed vocals and hooks that pummel the listener. On Siren, Victims do what they do best, there’s nothing shocking here, no artist shit, no pretentions, just kick ass, violent punk. 7 Fucking Pecks.

Well, that’s it until next time, remember to keep one wing in the gutter and one talon in the grave…