Asphyx to release “Deathibel” via Decibel Flexi Series!

Asphyx have looooooong been a favorite of any true black and blue death metaller. In fact, early ’90s gems The Rack and Last One on Earth are still in regular Decibel office rotation, only getting booted in favor of 2012’s obviously-crushing Deathhammer. 

But the legendary Dutch death dealers have been relatively quiet since then. Maybe that’s because they were busy actually writing Decibel’s new official theme song “Deathibel” for our vaunted Flexi Series! 

That’s right, the first new Asphyx track in over four years will arrive on metallic silver on black vinyl and be all about your favorite—OK, my favorite—extreme metal magazine. 

To get this one-of-a-kind rager, you’ll need to subscribe to Decibel’s deluxe edition by Monday, April 4 at 9am EST. Active deluxe subscribers can expect to receive “Deathibel” in the June issue of Decibel

More good news: You can expect a full-length of non-metal magazine-related material from Asphyx released on Century Media later this year.