Enjoy a Buffet of Death with Streams from Gatecreeper, Homewrecker, Outer Heaven and Scorched

We usually don’t have a chance to offer so much goddamn brutality in one sitting, kids. But thanks to Melotov Records, you can choke on this intimidating as hell 4-way split. 

Gatecreeper, Homewrecker, Outer Heaven and Scorched offer several varietals of bone-obliterating grind, crust, doom and a ton of DM from both the old and new schools. 

It would be pretty much impossible for you to not find a tremolo riff, blast beat, ghastly solo or growled incantation on one of these tracks that won’t viciously cling to you for the rest of the day. So I guess just dig in. 

This won’t be able to legitimately fuck your face until the vinyl comes out on June 24th, but here is the pre-order link to prevent you from making a huge mistake and forgetting the whole damn thing and never forgiving yourself.

Plus, you get yourself a digital download right away.