Nails’ Top 5 Pissed Off Death Metal Songs of All Time

Californian blasters Nails will decimate ears with their new full-length, You Will Never Be One of Us, later this spring. But prior to that, they’ll be holding down the main support slot at Choosing Death Fest in Philly on April 16. But even before that, you can check out guitarist/vocalist Todd Jones’ Top 5 Pissed Off Death Metal Songs of All Time below.  

Cannibal Corpse “Born in a Casket”

Every riff in this song makes me want run full speed into the 300lb muscle meat head who goes the wrong way in the pit. I saw Cannibal Corpse two nights ago and they played this jam and I had to hold myself back from charging the pit and potentially getting myself beat the fuck up.

Deicide “Lunatic of God’s Creation”

Entry level DM? Say what you want about Deicide, but this jam is fucking HAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRDDD and violent. 

Master “Funeral Bitch”

Classic punk influence death metal every riff makes me want to slam my head. Ignorant song for ignorant actions.

Nile “Kafir”

If the sing along “there is no god…” doesn’t light a fire under your ass you might just be dead.

Suffocation “Depths of Depravity”

Pummeling riff after pummeling riff after pummeling riff. Suffocation is almost TOO brutal… if you’re a wimp!