Born Too Late: Exclusive Stream Featuring The Glorious Rebellion

Orlando’s The Glorious Rebellion is the sort of band that, were they alive and kicking back in the late 80s/early-to-mid 90s, would have been about as seriously tailor-made for a life signed to AmRep as one could imagine. Not only does the Grand Canyon-sized groove, acerbic guitar stomp and burly vocal bellow fit the musical mold, their two releases thus far – 7” debut and forthcoming Euphoric mini-LP – are dripping with the kind of sarcastic snarkiness and no-one-could-give-fewer-fucks attitude that drew in like-minded laughing misanthropes while repelling and/or offending everyone else within earshot. Here’s what their internet presence has on them in the way of an introduction:

“Loud, noisy, get to the fucking point rock. We’re not here to make friends. We’re not looking for a good time. Crank it up and yell at it until our point is made and then get off the stage. No one ever checks your references, and they go for the cliff notes on your resume. Bios are pretty pointless ever since Google came along.”

And then there are the song titles: some of my favourites of the year thus far, including “Emmett Brown has Never Met a Scott That Wasn’t Great,” “Benaquyl,” “Bitches Love Misogyny” and “The Dirtiest Dream Job.” Courtesy of the folks at Magnetic Eye Records, we’ve been provided with a stream of the latter track below so you can check out all the miserable party time and bummed out cheer in advance of the record’s release on the 8th of next month. Also taking place come April is a mini-tour primarily running along the south east/mid-Atlantic coast on which they’ll be joined by Solar Flare recording artists, Bardus.

Tour Dates (w/Bardus) 
04.01 – Midtown Speakeasy – Tallahassee, FL
04.02 – Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA
04.03 – TallGary’s Cantina – Asheville, NC
04.04 – The Golden Pony – Harrisonburg, VA
04.05 – The Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
04.06 – The Waiting Room – Philadelphia, PA
04.07 – The Hook Up – Virginia Beach, VA
04.08 – Wonderland – Richmond, VA
04.09 – Scrap Iron Gallery – Wilmington, NC
04.10 – HBGB – Brunswick, GA

It should be noted that this Glorious Rebellion isn’t this Glorious Rebellion who hail from Crawfordsville, IN and describes its sound as “Pop Punk/Alternative/Happy Hardcore.” Nope. Not even close. Not one fucking bit.

Magnetic Eye Records