STREAMING: Ketzer “When Milk Runs Dry”

Ketzer’s debut album, Satan’s Boundaries Unchained, had near universal acclaim in the black metal community when it hit in 2009. Fast forward a few years, and Ketzer, one of Germany’s shining black metal stars, has altered its shape. Much like Tribulation modified its musical disposition from The Horror to new album, The Children of the Night, so too has Ketzer, to similar, if pretty amazing results.

What Ketzer have done on Starless is open up a large swath of potential musical territory, while also managing to understand the confines of their origins. They’ve figured out a new vocabulary from which to speak, and it’s thankfully no longer German-centric. So, let’s sit back to Ketzer while Monday kicks off its horrible self. Well, it’s all manic Mondays at the Deciblog. Today is no different except you have “When Milk Runs Dry” to brighten/darken your pitiful day.

Here’s “When Milk Runs Dry”!!!