Exclusive Clip: Scorpions “Forever and a Day” DVD

(photo by Marc Theis)

Last month, the fully authorized Scorpions documentary Forever and a Day was released on MVD, spotlighting both the legendary (and dB Hall of Fame-inducted!) band’s storied history and their intended-to-be farewell tour, Final Sting. Turns out calling it a day is easier said than done. Either way, we’re happy to bring you this exclusive clip from the DVD. 

“This film gives the fans a more sensitive view of the band,” says founding guitarist Rudolf Schenker. “People can see us before we go on stage and what is happening in our minds. It is something that [director] Katja [von Garnier] and the Scorpions came very close together on. We told them that they could film whatever they want.”

Scorpions Clip 2 from MVD on Vimeo.