Magic Circle

Journey Blind

Mob rulers

dB Rating: 8/10

Release Date: November 20th, 2015
Label:  20 Buck Spin

Fact: There are more metal bands releasing more metal music than any single human can hope to hear to in a given year. It’s understandable to sleep on a few bands here and there. But Yeezus Christ,when a band like Magic Circle comes along, I expect a few flares to go up, preferably in my general direction. It was only after I heard their latest, Journey Blind, that I listened to their 2013 self-titled debut—you guys, this is among the best new-old-school doom that I’ve heard since the inception of this friggin’ magazine. I’m filing an official complaint with the Br00tally Awesome Laboring Listeners Society (a.k.a. BALLS) for the oversight. See below.


I’m writing this appeal in the hopes that we make Magic Circle a bigger deal. Magic Circle are comprised of members of Massachusetts hardcore bands who write exceptional doom jams that echo the greatness of St. Vitus, Trouble and Black Sabbath. With airguitar-worthy riffs and rousing, power-drunk grooves, their second album, Journey Blind, has a pair of tits so densely hairy, we’d need a rake to reach flesh. But don’t misunderstand: These songs are not overwrought. Brendan Radigan’s clean and mighty vocals carry these straightforward arrangements like a pale horse leaping through rings of fire. In the woods. At night. Now excuse me while I don my hooded cloak and listen to the album again. Let us work together to further the music of Magic Circle.

Yours in sin,

—Jeanne Fury
Review originally printed in the January 2016 issue.