Contest: Win Violation Wound’s Double Album Omnibus

Chris Reifert is a two-time inductee into Decibel’s Hall Of Fame along with his Autopsy bandmates (for Severed Survival and Mental Funeral). But the guy keeps busy with other projects. The main one is Violation Wound, his kickass punk band. When we reviewed the band’s latest EP What Remains earlier this year we said: If you ever wondered what a Circle Jerks-Autopsy hybrid might sound like than What Remains answers your question. There are also touchstones to G.G. Allin and The Murder Junkies; not the turd throwing performance art but the simple yet effective songs like “Outlaw Scumfuc.” Even as Reifert writes Autopsy’s second chapter he continues to show he’s the total package as an underground musician.

So it’s good stuff. Our friends at Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are combining the band’s earlier albums Broken Idol and Elimination Time on a single album. It’s 36 insane hardcore punk songs performed by death metal maniacs in just under an hour.

We are teaming with HPGD to give away two copies of this gem. Please send your answer to the following question to [email protected] and we’ll pick the best responses. Answers are due by November 10. Answers must be sent to the email above to qualify.

What hardcore album should be inducted into the HOF next and why? State your case convincingly.

For instant gratification, this album is available for physical or digital preorder. Get to it.