Wolfheart Brings “Fire & Ice” to the Decibel Flexi Series

Perseverance pays. It helps to actually be good at what you do, but perseverance pays. Finnish metal vet Tuomas Saukkonen released a whopping 13 albums with his previous bands—most notably gothic death metal outfit Before the Dawn and melodeath squad Black Sun Aeon—yet initially had to go the DIY route with his latest endeavor, Wolfheart. That band’s 2013 debut, Winterborn, turned so many heads that Finland’s preeminent extreme music label Spinefarm snapped up Wolfheart just in time to spotlight their excellent sophomore effort Shadow World. With winter right around the corner, there was no better time to enlist Saukkonen to write and record a brand new song for the Decibel Flexi Series, specifically for our Finnish Metal Issue.

“Fire & Ice” is hardly just some goofiness about “the elements.” According to Saukkonen, “The song is inspired by the winter war between Finland and Russia, 1939-1940.  Our grandfathers and their fathers were true badasses. They were fighting literally between fire and ice, heavily outnumbered, but did not let [the] Russians invade Finland”. Check out this rager below, as well as a teaser trailer featuring behind-the-scenes footage. And don’t forget to order the Finnish Metal Issue right here!