STREAMING: Nyx “Beyond”

** German black metallers Nyx were formed by Blitz and Vinterbarn. The group’s new album, Home, is an expression of what black metal emotional qualities are rather than its direct spiritual linkage to the Infernal One. With that, Nyx embark on strange and wonderful and perverse journeys on Home. Certainly, Nyx are for fans of Myrkur (not because they’re female either), and first-album Lantlos, with maybe some early Bethlehem and demo-era Empyrium. We interview Blitz and Vinterbarn in preparation for the premiere of Nyx’s “Beyond”!

Tell us how Nyx came to be.
Blitz: How Nyx came to be… Yes, Vinterbarn and me met in our student days. We played in a band together and with the time we found out that the process of composing music works pretty well with the two of us. It actually appeared to happen automatically that we developed a common vision about our music, Nyx and what it stands for for us. Most of the time it feels like we work as one, even though we both do what we want. For us that leads to a special kind of… thing, maybe an energy or something that we listen to, configure, and shape.

What is it about black metal that appeals to you?
Vinterbarn: I personally feel kind of released by the energy that comes along with playing black metal. Also, the dark atmosphere supports some lyrical subjects in the ideal way. But we don’t label ourselves as pure black metal, though our music has many elements of that genre. I enjoy many     different styles of music and like to express without genre borders.

Your new album Home is slated for a fall release. Perfect for black metal. Do associate nature/seasons with your music?
Vinterbarn: Not really. We talked a lot about what we associate with our band and this is rather a common feeling. And, of course, there are many ways to express that in metaphoric ways, but for Home we did not use dark winter forest images or lyrics. We were rather wondering about society.

Nyx is an all-female band. Is something of note or, in your view, has no real bearing on Nyx, its music, or the scene in which it’s involved?
Vinterbarn: We never planned to have an all-female band. Blitz and me, we were just two people with a similar vision and work approach, incidentally both female. And it was the same with our session bassplayer. It is more often a subject that we have so-called German habits. Though we see us as chaotic, other people think we work [in a] very structured. And maybe we have no humor. [Laughs]

What do you want people to feel after hearing Nyx?
Blitz: Oh, I think that’s something that they have to find out and decide for themselves. I wouldn’t want a band to tell me either what they want me to feel after listening to their music. And precisely that is something so wonderful about music. That it speaks for itself and for the rest you do with it whatever you want.

And with that… here’s Nyx’s “Beyond”!

** Nyx’s new album, Home, is available October 30th on Agonia Records. Pre-orders are not yet ready, but click HERE for other fine Agonia slayerage. Like Stench, Temple of Baal, Aosoth, and more!