Stream This: Birds in Row/WAITC Split 10″

At this point, we’re going to assume that, as a regular reader of Decibel, you’re at least familiar with France’s Birds in Row. Even if it’s one of those “I know the name, but I don’t know the sound/have never heard them” scenarios, we’re going to hope we’ve been doing our job properly and have dropped this band onto your radar. You’re probably with us in wondering when they’re going to break down, get with the grammatically correct program and include the missing article in their moniker. Those of us who have interviewed and written about them are wondering as hard about when they’re going to quit it with the “unnamed members and unified band response” business. But never mind any of that because after listening to the below stream of their forthcoming split 10” with fellow noise making Laval residents, WAITC, all the non-musical complications become moot. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy a gorgeous, noisy hardcore pummelling from two bands as WAITC (officially shortening their name from We are in the Country) match the sonic splaying just as painfully. Big ups to Throatruiner Records – also based in the town of Laval – for getting seriously local on our asses. Ordering link, to this and their also soon-to-be-issued Personal War EP as well as some info on a few upcoming WAITC shows (should you be in Europe later this month and looking for something to do) below.

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