Moonspell’s “Domina” Video Is an Extinction Level Event

Portu-goth institution Moonspell take the unpretentious approach to their video for “Domina” (off this spring’s latest full-length, Extinct). Fernando Ribiero and crew dick around in the studio, bat around the futbol, and, you know, eventually do get around to bringing the shred for five minutes!  

“Our new video for ‘Domina’ has a simple intention,” says Ribiero. “To share with the fans our true nature: letting our body and soul and emotions fly free on stage; but also try to impersonate Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature kicks. Lunar and solar. It’s also a way of saying thank you to everyone who massively supported Extinct and came to the many shows we have been playing since the album release. Next stop: Rock in Rio! See you on the road to extinction.”

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