Win a 3-CD prize pack of new releases from Cruz Del Sur

Cruz Del Sur keeps it old school. The Italian label champions the significance of physical media, saying that it’s “very important for us to give metal fans the chance to savor the details of our records, smell the freshly printed booklets and inlays, and be mesmerized by the fine details and concepts of artworks provided by some of the best artists and painters around the globe.” Keeping true to said mission statement, they are giving away a prize pack which will include new CDs of:

  • Magister Templi’s Into Duat (on sale 9/18) 
  • King Heavy’s King Heavy (on sale 9/18) 
  • Hammer King’s Kingdom of the Hammer King (out now)  

For your chance to grab this tremendously weighty haul, email us at [email protected] with your answer to the following question:
Why is it important to put out new releases on physical formats?

For more info on the bands, including links and streams, see below. 


Magister Templi, of Norway, plays music as lofty and transcendant as that cover art. Their second full-length, Into Duat, calls to mind a smoke-filled room in which an intrepid adventurer may hear  Amgel Witch while searching for The Great Old Ones. If you prefer to listen to the music instead of losing your mind in the desert while searching for lost civilizations, you can pre-order on CD and Vinyl.


King Heavy of Chile/Belgium calls to mind ho0ded robes and dark ceremonies of the sort conducted by Candlemass, Celtic Frost, and Black Sabbath. Check out the full album (via their Bandcamp), where you can order King Heavy on  CD and Vinyl.


Hammer King (which features guitarist/singer Titan Fox V of Ross the Boss notoriety) has a profound interest in kings and hammers (see such track titles as “Kingdom of the Hammer King,” “I Am the King,” “I Am the Hammer King,” and “We Are the Hammer.”) If you like kings, hammers, or another classic band with “hammer” in the name, you may find yourself singing “Glory to the Hammer King.” Kingdom of the Hammer King is available on  Vinyl (with download) and CD now.