Fertility Clinic: Dead to a Dying World Wreaks Havoc “Beneath the Loam”

Dallas-based blackened doom seven-piece (!) Dead to a Dying World sure do put their money where their mouths are when it comes to their despondent moniker. “This was the first song we wrote for Litany, setting the tone for the record,” guitarist Sean Mehl says of “Beneath the Loam” from DTADW’s forthcoming sophomore effort.  “After the wilderness covers the Earth once again, we see glimmers of hope that humanity may persevere, only to again fall into the same pitfalls and mistakes that we and our ancestors have made for time immemorial. It’s about the struggle to survive despite the fear that ultimately nothing will change.”

Check out the song below, and pick up Litany via Alerta Antifascista in Europe, or Gilead Media and Tofu Carnage Records in the U.S.