STREAMING: Skepticism “You”

It should come as no surprise that the new Skepticism album, Ordeal, is a monolithic slab of incredible. The group’s status purveyors of the ultra-slow motion (aka funeral doom) isn’t for everybody—even the mustached, carabiner-on-belt-loop crowd—but that doesn’t matter. The magic of stomach-churnin’ heaviness, death rite fervor, and mind-numbing repetition is best when observed, commented on, absorbed, and enjoyed by the few. Sure, that sounds very inclusive, a sort of doom metal xenophobia, but the last thing anybody needs are random dudes saying, “Man, I liked Alloy, but their demos were so much awesomer.” ‘Cause nobody says that. Unless that random dude happens to be Decibel doom-god Scott Koerber.

While we celebrate our inclusiveness like assholes, we’re more than excited to premiere “You” off Skepticism’s new album, Ordeal. That’s right, we talk out of both sides of our mouths, ’cause that’s what old men in low places do on Fridays.

Get ready for a downer upper! “You” will bum you out in the best ways possible. The Skepticism way.

** Skepticism’s new album, Ordeal, is out September 18th on Svart Records. The amazingness that is Ordeal is available HERE on CD and Vinyl.