STREAMING: Hammercult “Spoils of War”

“When you grow up Middle East, war is not another fantasy movie – but a reality,” says Hammercult to Decibel. “A reality driven by greed, economical, and political agendas, powered by a religious leaders to blind the masses. It doesn’t matter in which country you live in – your government wants you to fear, obey, follow blindly and swallow their lies – so that they could collect the Spoils Of War while you remain blind, deaf and dumb. Fight it back! Let’s take back our spoils of war. Our rights! Our freedom! This is the only war worth fighting for!”

That’s a rallying cry that’s hard to deny.

Formed in Tel-Aviv in 2010, Hammercult have finally upped the ante after two albums on Berlin’s Sonic Attack Records. For new album, Built for War, Hammercult have ripped open thrash metal with extreme aggression and terrible certainty. With wicked riffs and an uncompromising pace, the Israel-based quintet are destined to show no mercy on thrash metal’s middle class. Impact is imminent with Hammercult now that they’re on Steamhammer, one of Germany’s biggest labels.

Twist your Friday into form with “Spoils of War”!

** Hammercult’s Built for War is out September 4 on Steamhammer Records.