My Dying Bride Share the Misery in Decibel Flexi Series

Not every magazine can make a special request for an original song from a legendary band. But Decibel did just that, and gothic death/doom institution My Dying Bride graciously lent their considerable talents to our Flexi Series.

The Halifax gloom-bringers will not only make their Decibel cover debut in October, but commandeer the Flexi Series with “Hollow Cathedra,” an original song which will not appear on September’s brand new full-length, Feel the Misery

“We were asked if we’d like to be part of the Decibel Flexi Disc League of Satan,” says founding guitarist Andrew Craighan. “We said, ‘yes, of course,’ as we saw this as an opportunity to do something with a different and potentially obscure vibe to Feel the Misery.”

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