Song Premiere: Giza Explore Psychedelic Depths of the “Hashteroid” Belt

Seattle instru-psychers GIZA are absolutely not to be confused with GZA, although they’re probably just as qualified as the Wu-Tang veteran to give a TED Talk about the “genius of science.” More specifically, the genius of interstellar travel (while extremely fucking high), as evidenced by “Hashteroid,” the second epic journey into the unknown on their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Migration, out August 1. Pre-orders will eventually be available here

“‘Hashteroid’ came about pretty organically,” says bassist Steve Becker. “When it was originally written, it was quite a bit different. We demoed it several different times before we did the final recorded version. It was a process of eliminating the parts that didn’t stand up to multiple listens. Once we had a skeleton of the song, things really started to shift into place. As a band, we had been talking about adding some additional musicians to our mix. Our first thought was our friend, Bryce Shoemaker, as a second guitarist. Once he was on-board, we took a few practices and hammered out the parts between the two guitars. It was pretty simple to record. Just a psychedelic guitar drone monster.”