Streaming the Sonic Poison of Sonic Poison

While metal may be Decibel’s bread ‘n’ butter ‘n’ focus, there’s no doubt we love ourselves some hardcore punk. Especially when it’s super-pissed off and sounds like a pack of rabid wolves developed opposable thumbs, invented a time machine and set the coordinates for somewhere smack dab in the middle of the mid-80s NYC, D.C. and Boston scenes.

Sonic Poison is a new band with a newer 7” EP set to be released on the 22nd via Lifeline Records. The band’s lineup has “cred” and “I’ve worn out my Minor Threat Complete Discography cassette and vinyl twice each!” written all over it (Ron Grimaldi of Deathcycle on vocals, Rick Lopez of the Casualties on guitar, Anthony Corallo of Sheer Terror, Concrete Cross, and Disnihil on drums, and Tom Clavin of Concrete Cross and Disnihil on bass) and the EP, which is self-titled, consists of four absolutely rippers which we present for streaming purposes below. As if to put a stamp on the fact that Sonic Poison not only rages like the old days, but operates as such, the 7” was recorded by Corallo in a basement and practice space and artist Chad Lawson was brought in to conjure up a suspiciously Ronald Reagan-ish looking character for the cover drawing.

And here’s a comment from vocalist Grimaldi about the pervasive mood of Sonic Poison:

“Everyone in the band has been good friends for many years, and some of us have been in short lived projects together before Sonic Poison. The goal of the band is to write songs we think are good, that don’t sound like any of the other bands we play in. So far, it’s been going really well.  Lyrically, I just write about what pisses me off on a personal and political level.  There is so much chaos, corruption, and unrest in this world so I just write about it from my perspective.”  

You can score a copy via Lifeline’s website or go all in by putting pen to paper and writing the label at: POB 692, Midlothian, IL, 60445. I know very few, if any, of you will, but I think it’d be hilarious to have someone complain that because of a post on the Deciblog, their PO Box, not their inbox, was flooded.

Or you can do what everyone else does and click on this pre-order link.