STREAMING: Hate Eternal “Pathogenic Apathy”

Untouchable. That’s Hate Eternal since 1999’s Conquering the Throne effort. It’s now 2015 and the Erik Rutan-led death metal powerhouse show zero signs that time is our most maligned enemy. In fact, Hate Eternal are more blistering now than they were when George W. Bush was leading the charge of a large-scale (and largely unjust) war in the Iraq. OK, so times don’t change too much, regardless of who is in charge. But Hate Eternal, regardless of release or year of release, continue to be relevant, vital, and crucial to all things extreme.

“The new Hate Eternal album has been mixed and completed,” says Rutan with more than one exclamation mark. “Could not be more excited to unleash this beast! Dedication+hard work = A monster record!”

It’s time to bow to the ultimate urgency and all-encompassing power that is Hate Eternal’s “Pathogenic Apathy”, which comes off new album, Infernus. Repent on horrible hump day with Hate Eternal!

** Hate Eternal’s new album, Infernus, is out August 21st on Season of Mist Records. Pre-orders are not yet available. But death metal fanatics can click HERE to check out the Season of Mist online shop.